Members of a stewardship parish are ready to minister to the various needs of their own parish family as well as the needs of the wider community. It is important that a stewardship parish recognizes the need to help all who may be suffering but also take time to celebrate special events in their lives as well as the successes of their parish family. Parishioners seek the parish family as a primary community to serve and to be served – to give and receive. Reflect on what service the parish has provided to you and your family and then look for new ways that you can give back their kindness.

Building & Church Equipment Maintenance

These volunteers see to it that all the furnishings, equipment, plumbing, and the building itself are in good repair. Handyman talents are a plus but if work requires the calling of a professional you need to see that it gets done. In the event of a major expense, Father should be called before a decision is made.

Yard & Grounds Maintenance

Each week, as needed, volunteers are assigned to maintain the grounds in preparation for the Sunday Mass and to maintain an attractive appearance of the grounds. Work includes pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, raking, picking up trash and trimming. They also help with outdoor Christmas lights and the Nativity scene.

Flower Garden Maintenance

Our mission is to present the pysical surroundings of our parish grounds in a way that mirrors the spiritual beauty within and engenders a sense of reverence for the house of God.

St. Paul Gardening Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. We do the routine maintenance of trimming, cleanup, refreshing the flower beds, raking and weeding around the church and rectory. We also try to keep grass and weeds out of the rock area north of the parking lot. Anyone is welcome to help and your help will be appreciated.

Snow Removal

Volunteers clear the snow from sidewalks, driveways and the parking lot and apply ice melt at church entrances when needed. This all needs to be done before Masses begin.

Church Cleaning

Currently we contract the regular cleaning of our church and vestibule area. However, the church hall and classrooms are not part of that contract so volunteers are needed periodically to clean. Extra help is also needed for the annual general cleaning of the church.