In a parish where hospitality is priority, guests and parishioners feel like they belong and are appreciated. When we are treated with a warm smile and a welcoming spirit, we are open to welcoming others. Willingness to accept others with a heartfelt welcome is a gift of God. Reflect on what you can do to make others feel welcome when they elect to participate with us in our worship services and other parish events.

Altar Society

This organization of women retains the mission of providing the spiritual life of its members. To enrich the teachings of our Catholic Faith and to promote programs that bring our Catholic Faith into action. The number one priority is to take care of the needs of the altar (candles, vestments, etc.). The secondary mission is parish functions at which food and serving preparations are needed. Some of these activities include funeral dinners, First Communion Reception and Graduation Brunch. The Annual Fall Festival is held the first Sunday in October each year and is the major money making project. The heart of this group’s activities takes place at the monthly meetings, which are held at 7:00 p.m. in the parish hall on the first Monday of each month (except June and July). Attendance should be a priority but not without exception. This group of women is the “engine” that gets things done in the parish. Commitment to sharing in this mission is appreciated.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s most dynamic Catholic fraternal organization. They provide solidarity among the men of the parish and see to fraternal and charitable activities. This group is open to all men 18 years or older. Monthly meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in St. Paul Parish Hall the fourth Monday of each month (except June and July). The effectiveness of the Knights depends upon the men committed to attending the monthly meetings during which upcoming activities are planned. Even though they are not mandatory, the monthly meetings are important.

Coffee & Donuts

Coffee and donuts are served after Mass on the second Sunday of each month. This is a time of fellowship. It is an easy, tasty and important service in our parish. Come join us to meet old friends and make new ones! Volunteers help set up the hall, serve and clean up afterwards.


This ministry includes any person or family who desires to welcome visitors and parishioners as they enter the Church before Mass. They are schedule for a Mass that they would normally attend and are asked to arrive approximately 20 minutes before Mass begins.


Ushers (men or women) serve on Sundays and Holy Days and perform a number of duties during the Mass. They include welcoming and seating people as they arrive for Mass. They also take up the collection. Occasionally, they are asked to distribute things to the congregation at Mass. Other responsibilities include crowd management, making room in pews or setting up extra seating when the church is very full, and helping the congregation with candles during the Easter vigil. After Mass, they distribute the bulletins and straighten up the pews and missal book racks. Ushers need to arrive 45 minutes before Mass to fold bulletins. They are scheduled on a rotating basis.

Parish Picnic

People are needed to plan and organize our annual parish picnic. The picnic is the one big get-together of the parish where all families come for a fun afternoon. It has no other goal than to build community and celebrate as a parish family. It is for young and old, Spanish and English.

Welcome New Parishioners

This ministry is for friendly and caring people who would like to meet new families in the parish and help them feel more at home here and invite them to become active in the parish. They prepare welcome baskets to present to them.

Rides to Mass

Some of our parishioners depend on the generosity of others to get to Sunday and daily Mass. This ministry provides rides to those who do not drive from surrounding areas.

Food Bank

Volunteers are needed to collect and distribute food items to the needy in the community. Baskets are available in the vestibule for parishioners to put their donations of non-perishable food items. They will then need to be taken to the Rice County Food Bank and if time allows the volunteer may help at the food bank.

Thrift Shop

Volunteers help sort and distribute clothing and other items at the downtown Thrift Shop on Thursday evenings or as needed.