The Knights of Columbus has been involved in evangelization since it was founded. In 1948, the Knights started the Catholic Information Service (CIS) to provide free Catholic publications for parishes, schools, retreat houses, military installations, correctional facilities, legislatures, the medical community, and for individuals who request them. They ask that the reader covers the cost of postage. Their website is full of information we can all benefit from.

The Luke E. Hart Series provides a systematic introduction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The author, apologist and philosophy professor Peter Kreeft, offers an explanation in everyday language of each area of Catholic belief and practice.

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What Catholics Believe: Topics in Lessons 1-10 deal with matters like faith, God, Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the body.

How Catholics Worship: Topics in Lessons 11-20 deal with matters on the liturgy, sacraments, the Lord's prayer and Mary.

How Catholics Live: Lessons 21-30 explore topics like Catholic morality, human nature, virtue and vice and the Ten Commandments.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, family, fraternal service organization dedicated to the principals of CHARITY, UNITY, FRATERNITY & PATRIOTISM. With a worldwide membership of 1.6 million, it is the largest organization of Catholic men. With a total of 244 councils there are over 32,500 members in the State of Kansas.

Membership in the Knights of Columbus entitles its members to many benefits. Each month the members receive the national magazine Columbia. Depending on age and years of membership, every member and his spouse have from $1000-$2500 of accidental death insurance free of charge.

The Knights are well known for their charitable good works. Since its inception, over $4.6 million has been distributed through the annual "Tootsie Roll Program" to agencies pro viding help to the mentally and physiCally handicapped. Other programs provide support to vocation, religious education, Pro-Life groups and relief to victims of natural disasters.

Any practicing Catholic male, who has attained his 18th birthday, is eligible to join the Knights of Columbus.

St. Paul's Knights of Columbus General Council meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month, September through June, at 7:00 p.m. in the parish hall.