The Right of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is an essential aspect in the life of the Parish and Church as a whole. It is the normal means of initiating new adult Catholics. It is defined by the Church as a "period of well-suited instruction sanctified by liturgical rites to be celebrated at successive intervals of time". The RCIA is primarily for the UNBAPTIZED, UNCATECIZED adult who wishes to become Catholic. Adaptations of the steps or periods of the process are made for those already baptized or those of other faith traditions. The RCIA process is adapted as much as possible to meet the needs of each person who has a different background and/or experiences in their faith life.

The RCIA is not just for those "outside" the Catholic Church, coming to Church. It is a model conversion for ALL of us in response to the Gospel Message of Jesus. It is the Parish as a whole who initiates the person who joins the Church through various ministries (catechists, sponsors, and liturgists) and by being a welcoming, believing and serving family of God.