The sacrament of Confirmation impresses a character and by it the baptized, continuing on the path of Christian initiation, are enriched by the gift of the Holy Spirit and bound more perfectly to the Church; it strengthens them and obliges them more firmly to be witnesses to Christ by word and deed and to spread and defend the faith (Codex Iuris Canonici, CIC can. 879).

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Requirements for the Confirmandi
1. Every baptized person not yet confirmed can and should receive the sacrament of Confirmation (CIC can. 889.1).
2. The faithful are obliged to receive this sacrament at the appropriate time (CIC can. 890). In the diocese of Wichita the sacrament of Confirmation should ordinarily take place within the first two years of high school education. 
3. Candidates must complete a program of catechetical preparation to the pastor's satisfaction.
4. Candidates should be well instructed on the meaning and purpose of the Sacraments, especially Confirmation and its relationship to Baptism and the Eucharist. They should also know the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
5. To be licit (outside danger of death) it is required that candidates for Confirmation be suitably instructed, properly disposed and able to renew one's baptismal promises (if the person has use of reason) (CIC can. 889.2). 
6. Candidates may choose a Confirmation name. They may use their baptismal name, emphasizing the connection between the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, or they may choose the name of a saint whom they desire to imitate or to whom they are especially devoted. Some assistance may be found at the Office of Worship webpage:
7. Candidates should write a letter to the pastor requesting the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation. Pastors are invited to meet with candidates prior to Confirmation, reviewing this letter.

Requirements of the Sponsor
1. Sponsors must have the qualifications and intention of performing the role of the sponsor: to assist the candidate in leading a Christian life in harmony with the sacrament of Confirmation and to fulfill the obligations connected with that sacrament (CIC can. 872). 
2. Sponsors must be at least sixteen (16) years of age (CIC can. 874.2). 
3. Sponsors must be a Catholic who has been baptized, confirmed, made their first confession and received the Holy Eucharist (CIC can. 874.3). 
4. Sponsors must demonstrate a life of harmony with the faith and the role to be undertaken (CIC can. 874.3).  
5. Sponsors must not be bound by any canonical penalty legitimately imposed or declared (CIC can. 874.4). 
6. The sponsor for any candidate may be male or female.
7. The candidate's baptismal sponsor may also serve as sponsor for Confirmation. This is to emphasize the relationship between Baptism and Confirmation.
8. The mother, father, adoptive or foster parent of the candidate for Confirmation may not serve as sponsor (CIC can. 874.5).